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About PDF On Map

GIS4Mobile allows you to view your PDF on top of the map

GIS4Mobile has for some time been working on a solution where projects in PDF format can be displayed on top of the map, and this functionality is now in place.

A geotagged PDF file can be uploaded to the GIS4Mobile server, and then all your company's users can view it on their mobile, correctly positioned in relation to maps and GPS.

In addition, all GIS4Mobile features are available, with point / line / surface registration, with all information and pictures attached.

  • Upload PDF to GIS4Mobile
  • Use GPS to walk around the drawing.
  • Record points of relevance to the project.
  • Take pictures, enter information.

See photos from iPhone below.

Contact us at to hear more or try out the solution.


Talk on the phone, or write?

Please feel free to call GIS4Mobile on +45 40 10 10 91 - or write us an email on - or simply use the contact form on the right.