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Registration of trees

Registration of trees is a major task in many municipalities. The task is important because of the placement of responsibilities in connection with any accident.

Odense Municipality and others attend all trees in a 1 to 4 year cycle. The municipality of Odense has about 60000 trees registered.

When trees are inspected, a variety of conditions are recorded. This information is taken into account:

  • The family and species of the tree
  • Tree age (approximately)
  • An assessment of the value of the tree

In addition, the condition of the tree is assessed at these points:

  • The structure of the tree
  • the tree crown
  • stamen
  • The root zone
  • Possibly. sponges

And on this basis, it is assessed whether the wood must be treated, cropped or precipitated - or how long it may be before next inspection.

As the task is extensive, the GIS4Mobile app is improved for productivity reasons, for example, to treat multiple trees together - a great relief if many trees have the same general condition.


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