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What does it cost to use GIS4Mobile?

See below for GIS4Mobile prices.

Free user
It is possible to use GIS4Mobile for free, where your data goes into a publicly available database. The free usage is limited to 30 days. 

Single User License
You can work with GIS4Mobile without limits if you sign up as single user. The Single User License is purchased via the app as a monthly subscription.
Single users should go to and create a profile to specify exactly what kind of data needs to be collected.

Company Account
If you are with a company, you can purchase a company account.

The benefits of a company account are:

  • Own database / admin right. You can configure data storage and user profiles, maps and forms yourself.
  • Data security - Secure data entry, your own data in your own database.
  • Backup - Backup is taken every day.
  • Monitoring - We monitor services and databases, and if an error occurs, we will send you an email and suggest a solution.
  • Flexibility - Number of users and data layers - You can manage the number of users in each subject area.
  • Service and Support - With a company agreement, you will receive free assistance via mail or phone.

There is the possibility to create an agreement on demo terms. This is free for 30 days. Then the agreement can be upgraded to a company agreement with all the benefits.

Standard GIS4Mobile Company plans

Below are the 3 standard company plans.

It is possible to create a plan on demo terms. This will be free for 30 days. After that the demo-plan can be upgraded to a valid plan with all the benefits.

GIS4Mobile plans

Package : Basic Standard large
  This package is targeted at smaller companies with only a limited number of users and a limited need. This package is the most popular. It covers a normal municipality's need for registration in the technical field. This package entitles you to almost unlimited use. This package is chosen by large municipalities and companies, such as Vejdirektoratet and Stofa.
Number of users: 4 users 25 users 1000 users
Background Maps: unlimited unlimited unlimited
Start price: Contact us for price. Contact us for price. Contact us for price.
Price: Contact us for price. Contact us for price. Contact us for price.
Support: Free support Free support Free support
backup Daily Daily Daily


Change plan

It is always possible to change plan. It is possible to upgrade the plan from day to day. It only costs the difference in the price of the plans. Downgrading an plan can only be done at the end of the payment period (usually the year-end).

Single User License

Single-user licenses should be purchased in the app as a monthly subscription.

With this license type you are allowed to work with data through a profile you setup on Single users can not collaborate - this requires a company account.

From september 2019 the price pr month will be about 5$.

Explanation of prices

In the plans it is the number of users and the number of data layers that count.

  • Users are active users who use GIS4Mobile. The system assigns a license to a mobile device the first time it is used. If you are entitled to 25 users, it is the first 25 mobile devices that are granted a license. Subsequent users may notice that there are no more available licenses. The local GIS4Mobile administrator has the ability to reset the license.
  • Data layers are no longer limited in the plans.

Other options - there are other options for payment. If the current usage does not fall in one of the 3 models, GIS4Mobile can calculate a special price based on an agreement.

Other prices

These other services can also be ordered:

other prices


GIS4Mobile data can usually be retrieved via the GeoSync application, or via the download feature at

However, it is also possible to enable WMS and WFS functionality, so that recorded data can be retrieved via the WFS standard.

GIS4Mobile needs to perform a little setup for this to work, so there is an additional price for WMS / WFS

Startup with WMS / WFS (1 time): 400$

Annual fee: 480$


The GeoSync program is the recommended tool for performing these tasks:

  • Publish existing GIS data to mobile users.
  • Perform 2-way synchronization so data can be corrected both in the field and at home in the office.

The GeoSync application can be purchased in an AUTO version, which can be run as a scheduled task , enabling automatic day-to-day synchronization.


GeoSync Standard License: 1200$, -

GeoSync Standard Annual Performance: 300$, -

GeoSync AUTO license: 2400$

GeoSync AUTO Annual Performance: 600$



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