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Connect your GIS with GIS4Mobile

GIS4Mobile collects data for GIS geographic data, where all information is stored.

Many users want the collected data displayed in their GIS in the office or they want their existing GIS data displayed for mobile users via GIS4Mobile.

GeoSync is the program that allows GIS4Mobile data to be connected with own data (GIS).

It can perform a 2-way synchronization so that changes made in your local data are published to the mobile users, and vice versa.

Images that mobile users connect to registrations can be transferred to your own system, or linked to your data.

Synchronization is easy, using user-friendly guides.

When you configure the synchronization, you choose whether it is a 1-way or 2-way synchronization.

Changes in GIS4Mobile data are tracked by looking at the time stamp that all GIS4Mobile data has. Changes to your local data can be found through checksum control.

GeoSync can be run as a scheduled task, such as once a day. Thus, data will always be in sync.

Talk on the phone, or write?

Please feel free to call GIS4Mobile on +45 40 10 10 91 - or write us an email on - or simply use the contact form on the right.