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Upgrade to version 3

Upgrading to 3

In march 2019 GIS4Mobile will release an update to the GIS4Mobile app, that has as different look and feel.

In the following we will describe app with version 3 layout.


When a user starts the app for the first time there will be 3 screens of introduction:





When you start working you will se this


Users who have a company account will select the button Company Account.

Users who are testing the app will select Free Account.


Log in to company account

This is where you enter your login details.

Users of previous versions used to enter a profilename which consists of campany id and profile name, separated by a slash, like "G4M/tree".

This now has to be entered in 2 fields, where G4M is the account name, and tree is the profile name.


App main window

The main window has these icons on the bottom:

The icons has same function as before:

 This icon is sync - force the app to send to the server and receive from the server.

 This is GPS.

 This will let you select maps.

This will let you register data.

This will open the menu.


Register email

Free users, and possibly also users of a company account, may be forced to register their email address. This is done in this window:

You enter email address, your name, and your phone number. The you click Register email.

You will then see a message saying there has been sent an email to the entered email address. Before you can continue you have to open your email, and click the verification link.

We will share your details with no one, but we will inform you of new releases and updates.

To see our general terms and conditions click here.





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