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Welcome as a user of GIS4Mobile.

The app you have installed allows you to record data, including:

  • Geographical position
  • Pictures
  • Data - information about what you register

Users who have an account with GIS4Mobile can even configure data collection forms, thus GIS4Mobile can be used to record anything that have a geographic location.

About designing forms > See prices >

Recording is rewarding.

With GIS4Mobile, you can maintain a fully up-to-date overview of your equipment, collected and maintained by field professionals.

About the app

The GIS4Mobile app can be used without charge in the free mode. Here you will need to enter the name and e-mail address, and the e-mail address must be verified by receiving the e-mail with a link to be clicked.

This is because anonymous use is not permitted under the GIS4Mobile user policy


Talk on the phone, or write?

Please feel free to call GIS4Mobile on +45 40 10 10 91 - or write us an email on - or simply use the contact form on the right.